COVID-19 Update July 18, 2022

COVID-19 Update July 18, 2022

The CDC’s prevention guidance recommends that face coverings are not necessary indoors in areas where transmission levels are at a Low or Medium level, subject to individual risk factors.

The CDC advises that people may choose to wear a face covering at any time, “based on personal preference, informed by personal level of risk” and that people with symptoms, a positive test or recent exposure to someone with COVID should wear a mask, per the CDC.

SPC does not require face coverings in its buildings. But please note that some clinical, lab and studio spaces will require them by nature of the work performed in those areas. Those spaces will be marked as such.

We understand that our students, faculty and staff may have varying risk levels and ask that, in the spirit of our Community of Care at SPC, all Titans please remain mindful of others and provide them social distance or accommodate their requests to wear a face covering when in close proximity.

We will continue to monitor and make adjustments to our face covering protocols as necessary if there are changes in community transmission rates, future waves, new variants or other changes in risk factors. Additionally, at this time, we request all students and employees to continue to use our symptom tracker before coming to a college campus or site and follow guidelines for returning after a positive test case.

For additional information on other college protocols and prevention strategies, please make sure you to consult and bookmark the college’s COVID-19 Hub for the latest information.

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