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Coronavirus COVID-19 Updates

UPDATED MARCH 25, 2020 -

St. Petersburg College is working to be proactive to ensure minimal disruptions to student learning. Therefore, Summer Term 2020 classes will be held online.

Registration for the Summer Term currently is underway. Many classes have already been loaded and you can register now. Please note that some additional classes, which were previously scheduled to be held on-campus, will be loaded to the schedule over the next several days. Many of these will include a “new” blended format, with online work as well as video-conferencing classes and will be designated as “LIVE ONLINE” classes. SPC encourages students to register soon and to check back later this week or early next week to see these additional classes.

This Spring Term, all face-to-face classes and student affairs/student support services (with few exceptions) have been moved online. Students should go to MyCourses to access classes. Instructors are there to work with students virtually.

Please note that St. Petersburg College is extending the last day to withdraw from a class with a grade of ‘W’ to Thursday, May 7 for all remaining Spring Term sessions, including 16-week Regular, Express, Second 8 Week and Weekend College sessions.

All college-related events are also canceled until further notice or will be held virtually.

Students have received additional information from their instructors.

During this time, SPC employees will work from home. Unless otherwise identified, students, employees and the public should not come to campus during this time. If a time arises where a staff member needs to come to campus, please coordinate with your supervisor, Provost or site administrator.

All of these measures are intended to promote physical distancing, which experts say is critical to preventing the spread of virus. Because this is a fluid and rapidly evolving situation, please continue to monitor your email and check back with this page for additional information. Our FAQ below includes many additional resources.

SPC Safety

COVID-19 RESOURCES – Titan Strong Info Hub

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March 17, 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update – Travel Precautions

March 4, 2020

See all updates from SPC regarding the current outbreak of the coronavirus COVID-19.

Emergency Alerts

When an emergency poses a potential threat to life and safety, the college will issue timely warnings (Clery reportable crimes) and/or emergency notifications to students and employees. The college’s main website at is the official source of college information regarding the status of the institution. You will also find emergency alerts on this blog.

Stay informed

In an emergency, the college calls your home phone number as your primary contact by default. To add your cell phone as the primary contact, verify your home number, and sign up to receive text messages for alerts, follow these steps:

For Students

  1. Sign into the Student Login page and go to MySPC.
  2. Look for the Profile tile at the bottom and click.
  3. From the side navigation, check your Contact Details tab to add or update your home and/or cell number.
  4. Choose your preferred contact number by selecting the appropriate checkbox and Save.
  5. From the Emergency Notifications tab, add or edit your cell phone number to receive Emergency Notifications on your phone.
  6. Choose Yes on the sliders for Contact by Cell Phone and/or Contact by Text Message.
  7. Text YES to 68453 from your mobile device to receive text alerts.

For Employees

  1. Sign into the Staff+Faculty Login page and go to MySPC.
  2. Look under Employee Services for the Self Service list and choose Personal Information.
  3. Choose Phone Numbers to add or update your home and/or cell number.
  4. On the Phone Numbers page, choose your preferred contact number by selecting the appropriate checkbox and click Save.
  5. Go to the Personal Information menu at the top and from the drop-down menu, select Emergency Cell/Text Options page.
  6. To confirm that you want to be contacted by cell phone and/or text message choose Save.
  7. You will also need to text YES to 68453 from your mobile device to receive text alerts.

To opt-out of receiving text messages, send a text to 68453 and indicate stop, quit or unsubscribe.

NOTE: Standard messaging and data rates may apply. Check your provider’s text-messaging or data plan.

Important Contact Information

  • Message on SPC’s toll free number: 866-822-3978
  • Collegewide Security: 727-791-2560
  • Life-threatening emergency: 911

Communication channels

SPC officials communicate important information to faculty, staff, and students through the following:


Important Resources

For questions on Emergency Management at SPC, please call or e-mail Emergency Management Coordinator Bill Grey at 727-341-4501.